Please feel free to read through this page for some of our more frequently asked questions which you may have.

If you have any questions or unsure about anything the easiest way is to just call us on 0412 566 890 and will be only to happy to help!



The following are some suggestions for you to prepare before our arrival, that will assist both yourself and us.


* Please indicate at time of booking or when we arrive any Spots or Stains you may be concerned about.


* It would be preferred if your carpets have had their weekly vacuum before we arrive.


* Although i am myself an animal lover, it is requested that pets be placed in a quiet safe place so our cleaning will not disturb them.


* Large items of furniture such as entertainment units, large screen televisions, computer games and or equipment, glass cabinets, large sideboards and other cupboards with items in them will not be moved.
Lounges, recliner chairs etc we will move and either blocked or tagged to prevent marking of your carpet. These areas will be discussed during our pre inspection.


* Please remove all breakable items from furniture you will want moved.


* Floors may be slippery during and after Professional Cleaning, Please take care especially when walking from a damp carpet to a hard surface such as Tile, Timber or lino.


* Please keep children and Pets away from any hoses or electrical chords we may be using during the Cleaning Process. Please ensure infants or young children do NOT crawl on newly cleaned carpet until it completely dry.




Why should I have my carpets cleaned regularly?

Cleaning your carpets and upholstery regularly not only prolongs their life but it also has an impact on the IAQ of your home environment. The Australian Standard recommends that carpets in a domestic setting be regularly cleaned at least once a year.


How long after the Carpet is Cleaned can i walk on it?


You can walk on a newly Cleaned Carpet as soon as we have finished, but it would be preferred if you stay off the carpet for about 2 hours. When you walk on it, you should ensure your footwear is clean as any introduced soiling may adhere to the fibers and cause it to resoil.


We always place CAUTION signs on every hard surface adjoining the cleaned area. This is a precaution for you to remember that stepping onto a hard surface from a damp carpet could be a slip hazard.


It would be ideal if you could refrain from walking on the newly cleaned carpet until it is completely dry, which takes approx 4-6 hours. 


Can you remove all stains?
All stains are professionally treated using the very best treatments & methods, however some stains are permanent regardless. To reduce the risk of staining we recommend you treat a stain as soon as possible and refer to our
Spot Removal Tips for further information.


Do you move furniture as part of your service?
We assist in moving some furniture within reason however we do ask that you remove any smaller items and breakables prior to our attendance so that larger items can be moved more easily and without fear of breakages.


What sort of equipment do you use?
All information about our equipment can be found on our equipment page